We are part of the network telex family, founded in the UK in 1991. In 2015 we celebrate 25 years of Global Service. Step into the IATA-world and let your full potential enfold.

The Airline Industry requires the implementation of Type B Mail, also known as SITA. Limited options may require the acquisition of software licenses, dedicated lines, including the installation of new hard- and software. An individual IATA registered code affirms your listing on the global Type B network, enabling the reception by and transmission to any other Type B user 24 hours a day. Open a new account or even transfer your existing SITA Type B address to the low cost Type B message service.

Whoever can e-mail, can Type B Mail too:

  • Airlines
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Parts suppliers
  • Charter companies
  • Airline catering companies
  • Aircraft repair and maintenance companies
  • Freight companies
  • Airport management companies
  • Air Traffic Control and outgoing messages

Please contact us for further information.