• All you need is an e-mail address.
  • Sending and receiving by any e-mail enabled device.
  • View your messages anywhere from outside the office.
  • Unique Type B Address (IATA Address) supplied for your organisation.


  • No installation, training, new hardware or new software is required.
  • Compatible with all every day cargo data management systems.
  • Guaranteed 24 -7- 365 availability.
  • Low cost character based invoicing.


  • Receiving messages is free of charge.
  • There is an annual subscription fee of only 1,200 Euros.
  • You will receive a monthly character based invoice.
  • Invoices are 30 days in arrears.

Let your e-mails “take off” with Type B Mail

Initiate the connection of your Type B Mail (SITA messaging) – Apply for your unique personal IATA registered Address (eg FRAZZXH) based on your local Airport location or chose from any Airport Code. Simply supply us with your relevant e-mail address and we will take care of everything else. Type B Mail can be sent and received via any e-mail compatible device and, if required, messages can be transmitted in multiple copies to your various different e-mail addresses around the world. Enabling you to save costs, whilst focusing on your own core business.

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